Very Complete NEW 10 second drivetrain.......$10k


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Dec 5, 2004
My family and I are thinking of moving across the country so it's time to start selling large items that we don't want to haul with us. So, I'm selling my spare drivetrain and will also be selling my Stage car eventually. I built this drivetrain for my next "future" car because I had been thinking of selling the stage car for a while now. Now that we are moving, there will be no "future" car.


Shortblock is new and was built and assembled by JR Motorsports:
109 block, 30 over, TRW Forged Pistons, Molly file fit ring, reconditioned stock rods, stock caps, ARP main studs, balanced, line honed, crack checked, etc. The crank is a stock crank, the receipt says polished but it is either a 10/10 or 10/20 cut. I had many shortblocks built at the same time, I had one STD/STD and one 20/20, all the rest were either 10/10 or 10/20. I know where the STD/STD and the 20/20 shortblocks are.

Older Champion hand ported Irons that were reconditioned and have Big Stainless Valves, ARP head studs
212/212 Roller cam with HD pushrods, TA HD rocker shafts, Comp Springs, comp roller lifters
FullThrottle Timing cover, double roller timing chain, Victor Head gaskets, 120# Trick Flow Injectors that were just cleaned and flowed by Chuck Leeper

Turbo is a 6765 that had about 300 miles on it, the cover is polished.

The engine is completely assembled with all the accessories, all brackets, coil/module, positive and negative battery cables, injector harness, fuel rail, Power Steering pump/lines/res, fuel lines, breathers, literally everything. It is ready to drop in. It even has a belt on it already. Alternator is newly rebuilt.

Transmission is a Brian Hofer built. I believe he would have called it his Stage 2? Dual fed, billet internals, etc. This was used as a temporary transmission while I had mine finished up so I could move my car around. I believe it has a trans brake but cant remember for sure and I never used the brake. It has roughly 200 miles on it. This has a deep pan with sump and HD mount on it. This was his $2100 trans. Torque Converter is a 10" PTC lock up high stall unit from Cottons. This has roughly 200 miles on it as well.

With this drivetrain, I'm including a 3" Houston downpipe, Hooker exhaust, test pipe with dump, gauges, gauge pods, Trans crossmember, ScanMaster, Caspers knock gauge, boost controller, HD Adjustable Wastegate actuator, two engine harnesses, Cartek Front Mount Intercooler with polished pipes, all IC hoses, all coolant hoses, all hardware, AC lines, 3" MAF pipe, LT1 MAF sensor, K+N filter, MAF Translator, modded ECM (planned to run E85), Hotwire kit, Fuel Hanger with Supra pump and Racetronix wiring kit for the Supra pump, all sensors.

I'm also including a complete hydroboost brake set up with lines, everything you'll need for the swap.

The only thing that would be needed to buy yet would be a drivers side HR motor mount and a Turbo Tweak chip for what ever fuel you plan to use.

I will make this very clear, I WILL NOT TAKE A DIME LESS THAN $10K!!!! I WILL NOT PART THIS OUT!! I have $13.5k into this set up, it is extremely complete and fully assembled. I will also note, I built for for ME! I planned to use this for my car. It wasn't a slapped together set up just to sell and let someone else deal with possible problems. However, I will not warranty anything. I will also not deal with issues from inexperienced installers. What you drive away with is what you get. I do, however, guarantee my description is accurate and true as to what is installed inside the motor and I do have the paperwork for the shortblock.

I may sell all of my spare parts and hardware with this for extra if someone was interested.


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You should have told me about this last coulda stuffed in the USPS flat rate box with the studs and gaskets..!!!

Would you sell downpipe and test pipe seperate?

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This is a COMPLETE PACKAGE ONLY!!!! I will not part this set up out. If it doesn't sell, it'll be heading to Arizona with me and will be my next cars drivetrain.
I just got back from Arizona. What part are you looking to move too? Dawns parents live in Gilbert. Well her dad does.She lost her Mom and thats why we were there. I dont know why we live where it snows. It was 75 and sunny when we left.
Bump for a great guy and seller. Best of wishes to you and your family. GLWS
Bump. Good luck Jeremy. Thanks again for all your phone help with my E85 conversion and upgrade advice.
Jeremy, I took a position in OKC at the beginning of the year. You guys should move down here and we can work on getting Sinfull on the list for Street Outlaws!
Hey Steve (chopped39), thank you for the kind words! I'm going to miss all of my local friends that's for sure. I've met some really great people around here. The weather bug has just got the best of me. I'm too much of a busy body to be cooped up in the house for the winter. We are actually looking to move around Gilbert. My mom and little brother live there. Basically somewhere in the Pheonix area but would like to stay as close as possible to my mom.

Craig, just moved for a new job? Yeah it would be nice to keep Sinfull but I'm going to focus more on my kids, the Monte, and atv's since my boy is into those. It's a shame to get rid of my car considering I haven't even gone past 8# of boost on it yet but moving onto other things more family oriented is more of a priority. I need to get Cal up here to tune it hopefully soon and Ill wait to sell it until last minute so I can enjoy it until we move. Otherwise if I get a good offer, it'll be gone.
Kind of in the starting stages. Still living in a motel room and traveling 6 and a half hours back home every Friday. Looking to get into an apartment for a few months until the wife finishes out the school year and then we can figure out where around OKC we want to rent a house for a year or so. It is a BIG change,but considering I was unemployed for the majority of 2014. It was something I had to do for the family and myself. Enjoy it so far and a co-worker knows and is friends with all the guys from Street Outlaws, so that is pretty cool.
I have my engine out of the Buick just to beautify things and it has been that way since March 2014.
Bumpity bump! May entertain a trade for a running car as long as its sellable for $10k. Doesn't have to be a Turbo Buick or even a hot rod.
Last chance before I go ahead and build a bad ass GN out this drivetrain. There is a hell of a lot of money in this very complete drivetrain guys. And it's NEW!
Hello & a bump. Winter morning around here. Jeez - hope its better in QC. They say its going to change..... sounds like one of those promises.
Bob, I'm really hoping! Today is a little better than it's been so that's a plus! Did you get your car running? Old fuel?