Very Complete NEW 10 second drivetrain.......$10k

Yeah, we will be moving as soon as a few plans come together. I'm in no hurry, Ashley would have moved two weeks ago. Just need to wait for the right house. Thankfully they have E85 in AZ so I may be keeping the Stage car. That will depend on whether or not I want to haul two toy cars and two quads along with three other vehicles.
Good luck in your move. Kind of a shame I never got a chance to me you or your group living so close but I hope to have a fun filled summer with the GN this year.
Hey it must be down right balmy down there. Things are looking up ...up here. I don't want to get to carried away tho.

The other day I'm at the clinic for tests again. The usual crapola repetitive questions at check-in. Once again she asks if I been to Africa? Congo? Sierra Leone? SO I asked her if it was warmer there?o_O

Car still not running. They got it in a trailer outside and they have been undergoing some upgrades to the shop. New hoists, drains, concrete etc - I suppose soon I'll find out more. Oh well. Time marches on & on & on.
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Are you moving now that its warming up? ;)
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Yeah that's the plan. We just want to get out of the Midwest. Too tired of spending so much down time in life. Tired of the high maintenance life style with dealing with mowing, plowing snow, etc.
Took me a while to get back online - finally got going good out here in the Grage. Got the hamsters running hard to juice up the ancient box . Actually its not too bad - James has it set up w/Ubuntu or whatever it is. Simple operating system no BLOAT....but old .... like a tombstone.... heavy as an anchor.... anyway

Sorry to hear ....:depressed: about the move but best wishes to you guys. Iowa's loss but I understand what you're saying. If its not just winter it could have been THIS winter. Geez I hated it but its too late for us to make that kinda move.
Well Bob, you know that we love you and your family. Its going to be hard to leave all of you. I think we just feel that it'll be a better life for us and our children. I would say that the friends we have are the hardest part of our move. But thankfully through social media, we can keep in touch. We do, however, plan to buy a house with extra living quarters so maybe you and Nance could have a winter get away for a month or so free of charge!!
Havent had luck finding a roller so I'll bump this again. I either want a roller to put this in, or will sell it. Have a great holiday weekend guys!