Very rare parts from 1988,this is a must see..

ATR fuel gauge with hose sold
Little aluminum filter sold
Test pipe sold
Stock air filter stuff sold
Front and rear shocks sold
Emblems sold

Everything else is still available..make a offer it has to one needs a stock low mile working cluster?..gnx louvers,first run of replicas,make a offer..all those chips and one is a factory one all in bags,make a offer for this stuff..the bra was never opened..

Does anyone know what chip came factory in a gnx?...he was sure one of these chips was from his GNX..
NEW PRICES,need to get it off the pool table..Parts listed below with pics above

I have 3 chips from ATR chips,pit bull as shown below with boxes,instructions and in bags with receipt from 1988.. $100 obo for everything there.

I have GNX fake flares from ATR in bag with receipt ,directions and 3m tape-50 obo

I have a fuel drain kit never opened in bag marked 1988-$45 obo

LeBra from 1988 in the box never opened-$50 obo

Throttle body bypass kit,never opened-$10

Mint working dash cluster with 200 miles comes with cable-200

Real GNX speedometer in the GM box-$450
THe fake flares you have. are they the fenderwell flares or are they the fake fender "vents" pictured above? I you have the fenderwell flares, i am interested. Let me know asap. Thanks, Howard.
These come with templets to where you must cut your fender as these are real vents that go into the fender not just stick to it..
Gauge cluster,fuel drain,license plate and throttle bypass have also been sold..still have the new LeBra,gnx vents,gnx speedo and the 3 awesome chips..
Just sold the flares too..

I have the original GNX speedo in gm box-450
3 awesome chips-obo
New LaBra-obo

Everything else is sold.


speedo is sold to the oil man .. Thanks tom
Hi Tommy,
I relaize this ad is from last August but just wondering if you still have the Lebr- new in the box from 1988? Thank you.
instead of dragging a thread thats almost a year old to the top, why not just PM the seller?

just a thought