Vibrates @ WOT


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Aug 20, 2001
I have a Bq 200-4r that shifts great, nice and firm in all gears but I seem to have this weard problem, at wot it vibrates on the shifts, mainly on the 1-2 and 2-3 does'nt do on 3-4. It feels like the trans is taking a stutter step before it shifts. I checked all the usual things torque converter bolts, drive shaft and u joints, also there is know engine kr, I have a 10" lock-up converter and I just swapped it out of my other trans into this one last week and it was working fine. I have lock up in 3rd gear and all shifts are on time. I just can't get this wot vibration problem figured out. I took a pressure test and all min and max tv pressures were inline with the presures on the tci web site. I sure could use some help.

Thanks Boostmaster
Hmm it vibrates before shifts?Your probably feeling it before shifts because the engine is reving higher.Will it vibrate in neutral when reving it high?Did this just happen after converter swap?Bellhouseing bolts tight?Trans mount?
Doesn't do it in neutral or park, just took the same torque converter out of my other car was working fine. As far as the vibration it's more like a stuttttter between shifts best I can describe it. I tried adjusting the TV cable didn't do any good.

OK went out for a test drive today and after letting it get up to operating temp I took a pressure test. the results are as follows. also it should be noted that the car shifts in all gears and the shifts are firm at part throttle.

pressure taken @ 1000 RPM
min tv max tv
P-110 p-150
R-125 R-125
N-110 N-150
D4-110 D4-120
D3-110 D3-120
2-120 2-120
1-110 1-110

At cruising speeds I get pressures around 120 PSI in all gears.
At WOT the pressure increase to around 180 PSI in all gears.
Presuure doesn't increase or decrease just stay steady.

Pressures are low. Real low. You got somethin going on. No tv boost. Lots of things to ck including more info on what is in trans and how old.

.500 Tv, Lo Rev Boost vlv, superior shift kit, did not use any springs from kit, left out check ball #8 in vlv body, super servo w apply pin adjusted just enough to get a drag clockwise, turns freely opposite direction.
Does your trans downshift when you floor it? I haven't noticed
it mentioned in your previous posts.
Down shift

Yes it does down shift, as I stated earlier other than the vibrating and low pressure, no boost situation it shifts nice and firm and operates normally.