Video of my car

SWEET VIDEO!!!! Looks like you had a great time putting it up for winter :biggrin:Might have to buy some new tires come spring time....
Awesome video!!!!! Put a big sh!t eatin' grin on my face :biggrin:

Thanks for sharing:cool:
GEAT video,come summer put some MT drag radails on her an take it to track LETS SEE WHAT SHE RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks JD
Thanks guys, glad you all enjoy it becasue I definitely had fun makin it! Right after this I got a fresh set of BFG Drag Radials. (I wonder why) :D
GREAT video! The part when the camera's in the car, it felt like you're right in there with you! (i cant wait till that's me driving my GN :( ) I love the video!

I laughed pretty hard when i saw the 'newspaper'

Yo nice video dude, please make some more, your car is nice looking, and I like how you compile your videos, they have some nice footage, instead of all these stupid exhaust clips and single fly bys I see on these other crappy websites. *cough* streetfire
Another video

Thanks, this summer I will make another one, should have some other pretty cool cars in it also. It should look even better when it gets done being painted.
Awesome. I dont think I would have been able to pull off that sweet drift in the forest. Nice lookin dog. :smile: