Vigilante 5-plate false knock?


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May 28, 2001
Is it common for a Vigilante 5-plate to give false knock? I'm not 100% sure it's the converter, but it's my most likely suspect, since it started exactly when the converter was added.

Doesn't "knock" when throttle is gradually applied, but when you hit it quickly, it goes nuts and doesn't stop until you let off. O2's are fine (upper 700s/low 800's).

Any way to be more confident that it's the converter?

Any tips to solve it?


Mike [:)
I would tend to suspect something else. I doubt the converter can make that much noise. I'm running a 7 disc, and even though there's some rattle at idle (does not show up as knock retard), it doesn't make any false knock at all at any conditions.

I'd like to think it's not the converter too Dave. I'm open to ideas though!

Tonight I noticed the flexplate cover was a little loose, so I tightened it down. Then a thunderstorm came in so I couldn't take the car out for a test :mad:

Another thing I thought of later was the trans mount. Car has 10K miles on the original mount, but maybe the extra torque was too much for it. I'll try to look at that tomorrow.


Mike [:)
I have had two people in 10 years complain of this. Both were solved with removal of multi disc converter. Not flaming but both swore it couldn't be that either till they changed. One guy, just to convince himself put it back in and it came back. Changed out again and went away. I don't think this to be a common problem but it has surfaced before. I really don't think the cover could cause unless flexplate is hitting under accel. Hrrmmm good one.
Please tell us what you find.:)

testing 1 2

Hi Bruce,

If I were to paperclip the TCC to lock and it didn't knock anymore, would that be a good indication that it's the plates?

Mike [:)
I have this same problem as well in 1st gear when you cant lock up the converter between 30-35mph I get false knock sometimes light sometimes heavy.anywhere between 5 degrees to 25 degrees and showed up only after I installed the multi-disc.2nd ,3rd even 4th show 0 retard!
So now this make 4 people now Bruce:D
4 People.......... Yes, but we need to figure out if this is actually the problem. Why don't 1 of you swap converters just to see if it goes away. If you need a converter to try I might be talked into loaning one for a test. That is, if it is conveient for any of you. Lets work together to figure this out.

converter knock

I just put one in my TTA, 5 disc. I have the same knock reading I had before which were 1 to 3 degrees. Mine also rattles at idle in park. Did the rest of you guys get your tranny redone before insatlling the converter. I had mine race prepped and a custom shift kit. The rebuider (who also has a gn) has a 7 disc in his, he has no trouble with abnormal knock either. I know he told me that he changes the line pressures to get the maxium pressure possible. I saw his car turn low 11's at the track! Both of us are running cam 2 and red's chips if it matters.