only 3 virginians on the board ?

slowgn do you ever go to richmond dragway?
if so email me sometime when you think you might be going and i'll try and meet you up there..:cool:

I getout there every once in a while. I'll send you a e mail the next time I go.
There are a few more people from VA out there. At least 5 more from Richmond that I can think of.
Talk to you later
Tracy in Va Beach here, I've raced at Richmond Dragway, Buds Creek, & Petersburg, but none this year yet...
Right now im in Germany but only 1 year and some months left in the military and will be back to beautiful Lovettsville Va, Loudoun County
Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach here, third GN, license TURBO 6, work in Newport News. Bill
cool your close by...

i think i have seen it before but you must not drive it too often around here ..if so where at?

i think i saw it on jefferson ave. at the intersection of murcury blvd. posibly?

any way welcome aboard i see its your first post

got questions about the board let me know i know my way around it pretty good.

fix you up a sig so people can see what car you have and whats done to it.

drop me an e-mail if your coming over this side to goof off and we can meet up sometime.

I live in Radford VA, 10 minutes from Mack V. I need somebody to look at my GN and give me some tips about whats wrong with it.

TurboMike... I think Mike Vaughn told me about you, said you didn't live too far away.

Hardy VA. 20 min. from roanoke. We should all get together sometime and meet at richmond or richmond closer to roanoke than VMP? John