Walbro 430 shorting out


Jul 2, 2013
So a couple weeks ago my walbro 430 fuel pump stopped working. Verified it was getting power and was grounding. Threw another 430 in and it started up and worked great. Tested the old pump and everything looked good, tested it and it was shorted. sits for a week and I go to start it and nothing. Same deal, verified power and grounds. Has anyone else had issues with these pumps? Any idea why it keeps shorting? Thanks.
Im confused. What do you mean shorted? Are you blowing fuses? What is the resistance of the pump? Or what is the voltage across the pump during key on prime? If it were shorted there would be 0V across the pump amd you would be blowing fuses. Do you mean its open? Need more information. Do you monitor fuel pressure?

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Low internal resistance. Doesn't blow the fuel pump fuse. Getting 12v across connector key on. Fuel pressure at the rail is at 14 psi and doesn't increase with key on.
Doesnt sound shorted. Have you tried clamping off return line and turning key on?

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I assume you dont have an amp clamp? Clamp off the return line at the tank and key on and see if pressure comes up. Also, check voltage with the circuit loaded (pump running). If you have to pierce wires just be careful and seal them back up. Its possible you have another weak pump. Its also possible you have a restriction somewhere, a bad regulator, a leak inside the tank, etc.

PS not to sound like a dick, but im assuming you're possitive its not out of fuel.

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