Walmart Cruise in Wallingford July 13

TR Custom Parts

Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Hi Guys!

Just a reminder that the Walmart Cruise is on for this Saturday July 13th at 5:30. Hope to see a lot of TR's there. Demonstrations of my electric exhaust cutout will be done on request.
might be able to make it, but im going down to the shore to check out the fireworks, anyone heading down that way?
Another maybe.... Will be working on the GN but it needs some serious cleaning and detailing to get in the door.

Hey, at least I've been driving it. :D

Go to the car cruise early 5:30-6pm to get a good spot.

Plenty of time to leave at 7:30pm and get to the shore for the fireworks, I think. :)
Where are the fireworks??? Maybe we'll go to the cruize then leave for the fireworks! Ken B.
i bet most of you guys have left, the fireworks are in newlondon
mohegan sun is putting it on i belive,