Wanted: 85 GN or maybe LS swapped 86-87


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May 27, 2023
Hi, this is my first post here. Turbo Buick has been my bucket list car since I was a kid, and think I *might* be able to make it happen.

I think the ship has sailed for an IC in my price range, but am holding out hope that there might be a hot air somewhere out there in $25k-ish range. While not likely to find, I'd also consider a nicely done LS swapped 86-87 (any year really).

Thanks, and if my expectations are way out of line let me know too.
I HAVE an 84 T type, now intercooled, rust free! , duttwieler eng, extreme auto trans, hochkiss rear susp arms
ported heads and intake, 70mm BB turbo, FAST ECU , mark williams axles, full cage, full interior, 3 in exhaust. new fillers (not installed) car made 565rwhp,
runs very good, need TLC, $20k.
in Arizona,


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