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Nov 24, 2001
Currently i am looking for another LIMITED turbo regal with less than 80,000 ORIGINAL miles/US to quinch my thirst, needs to be a complete car minus the motor and transmission.
Needs to be a hardtop, cloth,chrome or WO2 with perfect paint.
I dont need a project, just want something to drop a motor and tranny into and drive.
I would have purchased Grumpy's 26,000 mileage white limited, just not a fan of burgandy interior cars.

ODDBALL cars preferred with GREY interior!!!!!

Truck, trailer and cash waiting for the right car.
Perfect car would be a black on grey cloth limited with chrome, padded roof. opera lamps, cornering lamps,chrome mirrors, ect.
Second choice would be another silver limited nicer than the current one i own.
Third choice would be a blue on grey limited.


Prefer a car i can drop a motor and tranny into to offset the cost of the entire car. Dont need a racecar, just need another limited

JC Turbo said:
How many limiteds do you have? What are the color combos?

2 turbo limiteds right now
one white one silver both with the same cloth grey interior
2 non limiteds too

TUFNUF 6 said:
No Burgandy Interior??? Player Hater!!! Ha Ha!!

I thought of you when i wrote that i didnt want a burgandy interior car, no offense Moose! :biggrin: Ive already had a burgandy interior car and feel that if i want another limited, i want any other color than burgandy...

YOUR car is friggin beautiful and i love how much time and effort went into the paint job and how perfect it really is, i think im just looking for a well taken care of limited that i can start to play with for the next few years.

My silver car is up for paint in the next year, if i can find a nicer car with better paint, i will put my daily on a shelf or since my dad wants a limited, might as well let him drive my silver car when i retire it.
and drive the new car.

I am partial to the limiteds, just trying to find a original paint car that is nicer than the current one i drive everyday.

I really shouldnt buy another car, but when i consider a paint job, new weatherstrip,and my time invested, dropping a new motor and trans in 3 days is easier than paying someone else to make my current car nicer.

Everytime i deal with paint and making it perfect, **** goes sour.

Take it easy friend, help me find a new lower mileage car...

3-6K depends on miles.....
HELLO Doug Hauser.....

What does it take to find a moderator in this forum,???? October 8th last time you been here???
If thats the case make me a moderator, i can keep my mouth shut too :confused:

Easy BW, Doug is too busy buying COPO's and Hemi's to have time to mess with this board. I read this post and thought to myself WTF, can BW actually fit another TR or any other car for what that's worth in his driveway??? OP and that old man up the street are going to run you and your family out of the city limits.
BTW, I should have the TTA on the road real soon....smaller combo but a wicked one none the less....I'm going back to the K.I.S.S state of tune.
Thank you Doug for editing my post :cool:
Joey- Old man barney fife died last year and i dont have anymore problems with the city since i stopped driving the service truck home everyday and him ratting me out when i farted up wind from him.

No i dont have room for anoter limited, but will once i sell the PSD and DSM here shortly.
Sounds like the TTA will be running excellent, what turbo did you go with?
PM me.
Sick of Burgundy? :biggrin: This is the wrecked 25k mile V8 limited I bought from my uncle for the interior and some other parts.


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How bout a 87 limited, white, full blue interior with cushion top bench seating, hard top with 43k miles. Roll cage, custom built suspension with no expense spared that has pulled 1.28 60 footers'. Car has gone 5's in the 1/8th at 123 mph. FAST xfi system, and way too much work went into this car to list, but I'll send pics if your interested. I'm pulling the motor and tranny out and may sell the roller. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.
You can reach me at 4dgg@comcast.net
B, you can always start storing cars at my pad........ or we can build onto the geerage........