Wanted: TV Cable

I'm in need of a stock 86-87 GN TV cable. Mine is cracked on the housing where it goes into the transmission causing a leak. Tried the TCI Universal, nowhere near close to a fit. Bowtie Overdrives would have to modify a TPI cable. Does anyone have a good condition stock one laying around that's not stretched and still in good condition to use? PM me with price shipped to 30114, I prefer to pay via PayPal.

Or maybe someone knows of somewhere that makes them?
i'm out toward conyers, i've got a gm cable, used but looks like it had never been adjusted. let me know if you want pics, ~40.00
Picked up Pioneer Automotive Products part # CA-1937 from Carquest today, the cable housing is slightly shorter than stock, but it appears that it will work fine....won't really know until I have the intake and all back on the car, but from what I can tell it's going to be just long enough. Looking up the part it seems to actually be for a 5.0L V8 Regal though. I'll post an update next week when the car's all back together.

Edit: Decided to just sit the intake on the car to check, it's too short. I guess except for finding someone that's had a new one sitting for years and picking up a used one there is no other option for TV cables for our cars. 413turbo, will be contacting you to pick your cable up.