wanting a LOW psi Wastegate Actuator- I have HD

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Dec 17, 2007

I am looking for a LOW boost wastegate. I am running a GN T3 on a modified inline 250 engine. I have a HD wastegate actuator that is giving me too much boost, even at its lowest setting. Does anyone want to trade a regular one for a HD? Its is in great condition.


*** for my information, what is the Stock (non-HD) actuator lowest PSI setting? I am trying to run a max of 10psi and would like to run it more like 5-7psi.
boost controller

Yes, I installed a manual boost controller in the waste gate line. It is one off ebay that is controlled by a spring and a ball bearing. When I installed the actuator rod, I adjusted it to 1/8" short of the actuator and pulled it to close the puck. I was told this was a minimum setting. After that my boost gauge would spike around 14-15psi --- way TOO much for me. So I bought the manual controller and adjusted it to a minimum setting and the gauge read the same 14-15psi. I was thinking that the HD actuator minimum setting is too high.

Do you have any recommendations?


Shad in Nashville.
I have one from a stock turbo. where are you located?
Have you tried running acuator out till you don't have to pull on it? I would give that a try first.