Washer thingies that hold the mounting plate in the bumper support


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
know what I am talking about? They are alot like the push clips that hold the dash applique on only larger. Anyone know where I can get new ones?
almost any body shop will have these in their nut/bolt drawers. talk to one of the techs, and they probably have a bunch in their tool box.....

or, just weld a small tack on there..
have you stopped at a bodyshop yet?? I guarentee they'll have em..

hell, let me know what size stud they need to slide over and how many, give me your address and I'll throw some in a envelope for ya......
Just put a piece of masking tape over the holes in the support and stick it through....all they do is hold it from falling back into the support until you get the nuts started. After that, they serve no purpose. HTH ---Keith