Watch an F35C land on an Aircraft Carrier in slow motion

If you look close you can see the tail hook snag the arresting cable.
This is the cable that recently broke on 1 of the newer Navy "birdcages".
I don't remember how many were killed and/or injured.

I was stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14)
from '61 to '65 in the navigation dept and was on the bridge "catwalk"
watching the touchdowns when a Skywarrior came in and landed
and the cable gave way & snapped killing 1 person & injuring about
30 or so personnel, When that cable gave way it splintered into 100's
maybe 1000's of pieces. I was 1 of the very fortunate & few personnel
not hit by cable splinters.
62 -66 USS FDR CVA 42.Flight deck.That brought back some memories.Kind of a dangerous job on deck.Top 10 most dangerous.Cables snapping was always a concern.Among other worries.