Watch this video on "How to escape from Duct-Taped hands"

Hey that technique works. It also gives a great down the blouse too!:hungry::wideyed:
Yup, it works really well also. Just do it right the first time because if the tape rolls back on itself your doomed.

If your in flexi cuffs, take your shoe string out, tie loops big enough to fit the toe of your shoe in on both ends, put string through cuff and connect to tied ends to your feet. Push your feet up and down and 5 seconds later your out.

If you're being tied up at the wrists, make room between you're hands without the captors noticing. You will be able to wiggle your hands out of it. Also, the more rope the better.

If you're in handcuffs, and you have a hair pin. Take the straight side of the pin and slide it down the channel the locking arm slides in. Then open it.

Cheers ☺

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