Water Or Air


Hot Air Fan
Apr 25, 2008
What To Use, Water To Air Or Air To Air Intercoolers?
Pro's-con's Of Each. I Am Not Worried About The Fab As Everything On This Project Is.
what do you want to do with the car? street car then air to air, unless you have a large enough water tank to stay cool. for the track you cant beat air to water. you can get way lower temps with an air to water than air to air.
if its for the trak than an air to water with a remote reservoir filled with ice water works great. I did a pickup with an air to water and a water reservoir with a 3800 gph pool pump mounted behind the bumper to circulate water. worked awesome
Thanks, I am going to go water, will be driven some on streets some, the fabrication on this has been tremendous. A big thanks goes out to Byran
@ Fatman Fabrication, They can build anything you can dream up, and I am drawing up some additional parts for them to fab for me.:biggrin:
Yea, was looking at frozenboost.com, I am waiting for some additional fab parts to come in for the cooling system ie. shroud and fans, and will probably use their 1200hp kit with upgraded pump, 7" x 26" x 4" heat exchanger with dual 7"fans, and will probably have a custom shroud built for just the heat exchanger. I am also using a Atomic remote mount trans cooler with fan. I am getting a little nervous with all the electric cooling fans on this project. anyone out there running 5 electric fans on the street? All fans will be thermostically(is that a word?) controlled except the two 7" that are located on the heat exchanger for the air to water intercooler which will turn on with the key.
The water will run hotter on the street, than the air, just keep that in mind. Even with multiple fans, its a case of efficiency or 2 cores vs 1.