Water pump stupid question


Nov 4, 2007
I ordered a Cardone reman water pump from Summit. I got it in the mail today, but it doesn't look right. The impeller face isn't solid, it's kind of got a hold in it.
Instead of looking like this:

It looks like this:


See how the face is solid on the first one, but has a ring cut out in the second? Is that normal, or did I get a water pump for an old 215 instead? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've never seen one like that. Thanks.
That's just an updated impeller design on part which was engineered 30 years ago. Ive seen a couple different configurations on a Gates replacement and a ACDelco unit. I'm sure it flows as good or probably better than the OE.
Ok. Thanks, everyone. I felt really stupid asking that. I'm a mechanic by profession, I just never tore into my Buick's engine before. The one I tore off was solid. The only pictures I could find of one's that look like the new one were from 215s or 340 nailheads, so I just wanted to make sure that it would work out ok.

I appreciate it, everyone.