way more parts than 1 guy should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! located in connecticut stop on over !

Do you have a blue T shifter handle and if so, how much shipped? I need one ASAP, I have a car show to go to this weekend.
Sent pm how is the condition of the gn gray seat belts and quick ratio steering box and price shipped to 33558. Also the passenger t top internal plastic piece that the release lever resides in. Condition and cost if you still have it
I'm interested in the 87 ac lines and 87 radiator hold down. Does the hold down have the rubber isolators? Do you happen to have a cruise unit for an 87 t-type? Let me know how much for all, thx..
sorry guys i wasnt getting my updates on this thread for some reason i apologize.

for better service its always best to call or text
Will you take 300 shipped for atr single exhuast to Texas 77054 ?
Yeah for 1 that has a magnaflow muffler and is missing a small 12" long piece of pipe. The other complete ATR with pitbull I believe is sold for my asking price we talked on the phone and sold parts to him before so I'm pretty sure that one is sold.

Also note shipping on a item like this is about $50