way more parts than 1 guy should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! located in connecticut stop on over !


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fenders left or or right probably have 10 of each side
84-87 regal header panels have 2
81-83 header panels along with grilles and hl bezels 2 available
79-80 turbo hood
81-87 turbo hoods have 4
left right turbo wheel wells
non turbo wheel wells lots of these
about 15 steel radiator supports
86-87 radiator hold downs
v8 non turbo car hold downs
v8 fan shroud
v6 radiator shround for HA or NA
86-87 turbo ac lines
84-85 turbo car ac lines
84-85 turbo intakes
84-85 turbo blocks with caps
2 dot rods
20 bolt oil pans no baffle
na v6 cranks uncut
8445 heads as cores
all kinds of 84-85 turbo engine parts except turbos and modules have about anything else
some 86-87 engine parts pulleys, accessory brackets, intercooler brackets,ac pumps and brackets...
86=87 intakes with all the parts that go on it
fuel rails for either 84-85 or 86-87
turbo car heater boxes
non turbo heater boxes
c68 climate control set up
12:7 to 1 steering boxel
stock spindles
1 1/4 front sway bars
jounce bars
rad support x braces
hood latch
grilles for 84 85 86 or 87 no black 87 grilles though
front export braces
rear export braces
rear aluminum bumper supprts
rear bumpers in chrome or black
front chrome bumpers
orange bumper lights
bumper light bezels
headlight bezels in chrome or black
headlight bezel lights
turbo car header emblems
nos hood emblems
nos t type emblems
nos t emblems
nos regal emblems
nos chrome headlight bezels
nos crank sensor
nos power seat switch
nos 8687 turbo hose / waste gate
nos rear door panel escutcheon
i know i have some other nos stuff as well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
doors in rustfree shape to workable shape .the totally junk ones are thrown away probably 15 doors
door panels for regals or limiteds in grey.blue burgundy,brown or blue and sandstone upper and lower
concert sound lower door panels in blue or for a gn
door panel escutcheons in grey or woodgrain. i also have limited ones
all kinds of steering columns floor shift or column,all kinds of colors most with keys
horn buttons or some parts i dont sell the rings seperate
analog turbo gauge clusters
digital dash clusters for cores
gauge bezels in grey or woodgrain with various options some turbo car ones
radio bezels in grey or wood grain
dash plaques for gn,regal or t type also limited all in grey also have woodgrain ones
some dash harness digital or analog
86=87 engine harness
turbo car taillight harness
tailights in chrome trim or black
end caps for end or quarter panels
cut off quarter panels
trunk floor
trunk lid
trunk lid spoiler complete 5 piece or a have a couple seperate trunk lid parts
t top part inner trim in blue tan maroon or grey
consoles in grey,gn blk/grey or parts of blue and tan
shifter handles or parts
shifter bezels
shifter floor brackets
floor pans
rocker panels
bucket seats out of gn not perfect
bucket seats in grey or blue/ cores
back seats out of gn pretty nice no rips
back seats out of limited or regals in various color maroon,grey,blue ????
seat belts tan blue maroon grey or out of a gn
t tops
t top bags
power seat tracks in working condition
all kinds of trim black or chrome or even off a limited
astroroof parts
t type whhels
1 86-87 gn as a core
15x8.5 vector / t type wheels
3" atr single shot exhausr with correct pitbull muffler or 6 months of use and stored indoors
2nd atr exhaust with what i believe is a stainless steel magnaflow muffler but is missing 1 small piece of pipe about a foot long
all kinds of glass
dash pads in grey or blue
all kinds of plastic parts inside the car in almost all the colors

i have about any other used stock part you can think of except bumper fillers and 8.5 rears

call or text me 203 213 9126 JAMES

tons of good feedback about me in the feedback section and tons of references if they are needed.i can now accept credit cards if you want to cover the 3% fee or postal money orders as always NO PAYPAL .

interested in the T emblems and rear escutcheons what condition are they in im looking for new or flawless pm me pics if posssible
how much for a blue console?
The bottom of the console is busted so I could use the top half off the blue console and put it on a different color plastic bottom and you could just dye / paint the plastic part
On the bottom.
How much for the 5 piece trunk lid spoiler? Pics to spaulding27@sbcglobal, please?

Also, are you willing to ship?
Shipping is no problem! This week I mailed a door and a fender to someone. I have also shipped blocks. Last summer I shipped 31 cylinder heads to a guy in Florida . So mailing a spoiler or about anything else won't be a problem. I mailed some parts to Hawaii yesterday 10,000 miles from Connecticut
How much for a grey console top (don't need the metal parts i.e. shifter surround, ash tray lid or the console lid) to 33444?