We painted the wheels of my boy's Camaro SS

I think i'm going to have to post the pics when i get home becuase I believe you have to be logged in to see them. I'll post pics this evening
NOT for me !!! BUT its YOUR car to make as crappy looking as ya want :p.... You goin to paint the car itself to ??? Rattle can satin black ??
Here are the pics


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I don't really care for the stock rims so painting helps change the look. Silver is a difficult color to put rims on. Chrome and aluminum seems to be less noticable. Rims with some black or dark grey seem to stand out better.
Thanks guys. I agree with silver being difficult to match up with. Figured the the black stripes would help with the wheel color of choice. I hope it doesn't peel. Its holding up pretty good so far though. So with the dark tint, and black stripes, he was going for the black wheels to set it off.
hello; I like it. Tell me how you painted them? Spray bomb or did you break em down and did it write?
We just cleaned them very well and used Plasti dip. we sprayed about 5 coats on there. maybe 6? seems to hold up pretty well.
Glad you said Plasti-Dip........so when you get tired of the color it just peels right off...the new craz of ricers...J/K
I didn't want to mention it but I heard of someone using Plasidip and it did peel off. I have no idea how they prepped the rims.
Yeah, so apparenty the wheels are to be prepped with alcohol before applying this stuff. We'll see how long it lasts. Lol @ the ricer line
I like it!

As far as matching the sliver, most any decent painter should be able to match off the paint code alone. I have a Cyber Gray SS and did the wheels in body color. It's a perfect match.