Weather strip.. What am I missing?


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Nov 19, 2002
Ok Car is finally altogether with the exception of some trim and weather striping.. It is a Ttop car and I just ordered the weather strip for the Doors and the T top openings that run down the pillars.. I have not changed the strip for the ttops themselves nor the molding in the middle where the tops go into.. I feel that I am missing something.. Can anyone confirm or deny that I have all the peices?? I thought there was something that ran all down the front and rear of the roof in addition to the top openings.. I have not recv'd the striping so I have nothing to gauge it by..

Compare the part #s of what you ordered with the part #s on
Should be a long weatherstrip for each side and a weatherstrip that goes on each T top where the top of the window seals and 2 thin strips that keep the t tops from ratteling. Then door belt moldings if you are counting them?
Tarey D.