Weather stripping for 78-80 door/windows?


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Aug 26, 2009
Howdy, longtime since I`ve shown my face around these here parts🤠... I`m finally getting my `78 Regal back together after she was stolen back in 2014! It`s been sitting neglected in my garage since I got her back in 2015(was gutted out). Cats, mice, possums and various creatures have been using it as a toilet... I`m disappointed that it took this long, but I`m here now... again. Some might be upset, but I have a complete 6.0 LS w/4l80e going in it from my `02 Sierra(still have the 3.8 motors). The 355 Olds motor/350 trans and all my tools/box were all stolen with the car.

Any who, The weatherstrips are shot all around(The trunk one is new)... does anyone know where I can find the door and window strips for `78-80 Regals that Isn't Chinese garbage or overpriced? All I can find is `81-87... I bought some that didn't fit last time.

BTW, I own my house now... but I`m still a filthy poor person and need a roof put on my garage(It rains inside, but not on the car), so keep that in mind 😄