Weber Racing 206/206 Billet Roller Cam


May 25, 2001
I have a new weber racing 206/206 billet roller cam for sale. I need to get 345.00 shipped in the US. I am moving to a larger set up so it needs go.
Thanks Tom
206 Billet Roller Cam

This is a good cam, Weber Racing machined it for their torrington bearing set up. Also to be used with Roll Master Timing gear set. New ready to go!
It is the .512 lift cam with a 1.6 roller rocker. I have the cam card i can check to be sure.
Weber racing has the hardware needed to complete the cam. They have a website with the list. They sell top quality hardware for there roller cam kit.
I am running one of there other cam kits in my other car.:)
Someone has got to need a REAL billet roller, this cam is new. Ready to be installed. I need to sell. Thanks for looking,:cool:
What are the specs?
Int Opening degrees?
Intake Closing degrees?
Exhaust Opening?
Exhaust closing?
Lobe Separation angle?
Intake centerline?
Exhaust Centerline?
Lift at .050
Lift at .200
What kind of rockers were used?
Were pushrods adjustable or custom?

What is the rpm range?
What kind of converter is needed for this cam?
any idea how much it will cost for the rest of the setup what is the best you can do price wise i can supply the shippng on my company ups account
Rest of the setup

At a minimum you are looking at roller lifters, solid or hydraulic. Retainers for the lifters if the type you get don't have them. Stronger springs. Pushrods. Thrust button and then getting it installed.
What you need is the front nose hardware, You can buy the hardware seperate from Weber racing. You need the good Hardened pushrods I have part #s, Comp Cams valve springs, com cam roller lifters (6), and Hardened valve spring keepers. Have weber machine the front cover cost like $25.00.

Roller lifters they sell have 2 on a bar, so you only need 6. These are prolly the most expensive item to the kit. This cam kit is so easy to install even a Cave Man can do it..

If you buy the cam i can supply you with the parts numbers to save you a few dollars... You can price shop!!

As many flat tappet cams that go flat the BILLET cam will pay for itself.;)
I just purchased a hydraulic roller cam set up from webber racing yesterday. The price for the components to install a billet hydrolic roller cam is $1118.00. That includes a billet cam, hydrolic roller lifter, springs, pushrods, adj. cam button and timing chain. I hope this helps.