weekly car meets?


Aug 14, 2008
im from north jersey, and wondering if there were any car meets with in say 50-60 miles,
just a one night a week thing where you guys go to bs and grab something to eat, usually over here its thursday night edgewater.
up here in CT we meet up on the berlin turnpike at the burger king when the weathers nice,
Why the heck would you want to move here? Seriously why? I want to leave this shitty state. Just call me when you get here and we can meet up
Hey ttaowner I'm in CT. I live in New Britain. I had to leave the t-type in South Carolina at my friends shop for some work. I would still like to meet up with you guys. Call me (864)982-3223
Burger King on the Berlin turnpike on Saturday night is usually the place to be. Or look up panera bread on the the Berlin turnpike also on Saturday nights sometimes they have cruises there as well. BK is a definite every week as long as its not raining
Panera Bread first and third saturday of the month. I uasually go if the weather permits. I havn't had the Buick out yet this year and been stuck with the Hemi Challenger.
Allan .