Weird Idle


Oct 20, 2010
Was driving nicely just cruising and my service engine light came on and started flickering. I knew what it was cause the same thing happened at few weeks ago with my chip. I just tapped on it and the the light became solid when key on/engine off. Then shut the battery off to reset and it worked fine. This afternoon it did the same thing but I could not get it corrected and when you do start the engine it starts revving at 2k and keeps rising then I immediately shut it off. I have tried turning the power off and on then crank the car but it starts revving high at 2 k and keeps climbing. Any suggestions?
Oh I have Red's 93 chip.
could be a bad IAC motor if it revs high....pintle/spring could be damaged or motor stuck....

also what exactly were you tappong on the first time?

NO... the Idle Air Control Motor is the small electrical motor right below the throttle body. there is a 4prong weather pack connector going to it... remove it and see if you can turn the pintle by hand. It might be locked up. Also you might want to remove the chip and properly seat it again first, if this [actually] helped the first time.

Ok, I will attempt to check the IAC motor. Oh, if I tap on the chip a few more times I can get to start blinking again?? What are the syptoms of a bad chip? Thank you for your help!!!
Thanks You, I will see if I can get it tonight. Message me your number and I will give a ring if I can't figure it out. Gonna take a dinner break.
I appreciate it!
<snip>Oh, if I tap on the chip a few more times I can get to start blinking again?? What are the syptoms of a bad chip? Thank you for your help!!!
the only reason i mentioned the tapping is because in your first post you said it helped you - if in fact it did help, i would imagine that it was a symptom of an improperly seated prom chip, in that case, i would remove it and install it properly.....after inspecting all of the "tangs" for corrosion and straightness make sure to press it down evenly

unplug the battery power to the ECM, then take a small safety pin and bend the fingers in the chip socket so they grab the chip pins harder.

Thank you gentlemen, I got it idling perfectly right now, so I hope it stays that way. I used the safety pin to try to bend some of the pins. I didn't really see them move much. But it worked great when it started and drove for a bit. Tempermental cars, haha.
When the SES lamp blinks real fast it always means one thing ... the ecm has detected a problem with the PROM chip. The idle speed and engine running weird are the result of the ecm program being hosed. Its almost always because the chip is not seated properly or one or more pins are not making good contact.

Words to live by: "when the SES blinks fast --- check the PROM chip first, not last".:)