Weld Frame


Feb 19, 2007
Being Sunday, I can't get the answers I need. I have a Millermatic 180 Mig and need to do some stainless steel welding to the frame. Anybody know what I need to buy? I have the Argon cylinder for mild steel welding. Would that work for stainless, or do I need some other gas? Also, what tips?
Thanks for any advice.
PM Norbs with this question...he's a welding maniac. He's probably just sitting on the couch eating scammer Bears. :biggrin:
Argon is used for stainless for tig welding I don;t see any difference why you can't use it in MIG. You should be using 309 stainless wire, for metal to stainless and 308 forstainless to stainless. I have used 309 with no issues on steel to steel so far, and seems more forgiving to dirt and rust. Go to this site and watch the videos

A 90-8-2 gas mixture will work best on stainless for mig welding unless you are Pulsing or Spray arcing. That's 90% Helium-8% Argon-2% CO2. You can also use a 98% Argon-2% CO2 mixture if you want. They both work well. They should have it at your local weld supply shop.