Well would all be terrorist if he got his wish.

What a douche... he advocates extreme violence to further his agenda on gun control
Typical liberal douche-bag
Another Constitutional "expert"
I wonder how loud he'd screech if we took away his 1st Amendment?
Which would be so much easier to do w/o the 2nd Amendment...
I mean the Founders never envisioned word-processors, right?
And BTW, the "militia" did bring their own guns, & they were military style, actually superior in many cases.
I teach my H/S Gov't students a short English lesson regarding the 2nd Amendment:I have the diagram the sentence:
The 1st clause
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, (dependent clause)
the 2nd clause:
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. (independent clause)
No confusion there, even a school kid gets it.
So, those who despise my Constitution aren't "stupid or "ignorant"
They are EVIL
The beauty of my country is that they are free to leave, if its so much better elsewhere.
It is sad that the current occupant of the White House treats terrorists better than American citizens
Let us not forget we are still at war!
Sorry for the long-winded rant:mad:
I don't suffer fools lightly...
As Americans, we are so uneducated about the world. We have the oppritunity to have all the knowledge, but we let feelings get in the way. We do the same thing with religion. Instead of thinking about draging people in the streets as a terrorist woud do. He should be educating himself and following Christ. His time would be of value then.
Two Words - "Ted Nugent" It just don't get any more clear than this!
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