Went to the track Sunday!


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Oct 20, 2001
Yesterday we went to the track for the first time this year.It was 34 degrees out! I made one pass before it started to snow.My previous best was 13:51 @ 98 mph(basically stock car) I ran a 13.001 @ 106.52 with alky,slicks & a closed exhaust.(I forgot to open it) The alky was a winter project, last year I just ran AV fuel.The only other thing I added was a Terry Houston dp.
I'm pleased for the conditions we ran in.We should be going back up on wednseday its supposed to be sunny & almost 60!
I'll make 1 or 2 more passes with open exhaust then I am going to try my drag radials & then I'll try the nitrous!!
20 lbs of boost,I can be a retard(none) & 1.802 60ft on a cold,cold,track.
Thanks for asking!
Which track? Stanton? I am hoping to get to Ubly pretty soon once I get a little more tuning done.

Stock Turbo?
what chip?
We go to Stanton ( actually Mcbride) as often as possible. Twins,Nocooler,Bigsix & I will be there tomorrow because they cancelled sunday's test & tune.
My car is mostly stock, meaning I still am using the stock Turbo,intercooler etc... you know the expensive stuff.
I am using PT&E's race chip with alky & I plan to use their street chip when I run race gas & n2o.I just had my 17" drag radials mounted up today hopefully they aren't a ton worse then my slicks.
We will see tomorrow!
I think you could get some 12.80's or better outta her, if you can get it to stick. See ya tomorrow.

Well I just got back from the track. Now I have a bunch of 13.0 timeslips. I'm getting a bunch of knock in third & forth gear.The stock injectors are what we are suspecting, the car has 72k on it so that makes sense. What injectors would you guys use? as soon as I work this out I will use a 50-75 horse shot. The goal here is 11.9's so I want to make sure I get the right ones.
What a drag! I was really hoping for 12's. I guess I need to look at how good this car runs for the few mods it has.

Here are all my times tonight:

60ft=1.854 17" drag radials 2 lb launch
13.20@ 104.42

60ft=1.861 17" drag radials 2 lb launch

60ft=1.797 15" slicks 10 lb launch

60ft=1.861 15" slicks 5 lb launch

There were a couple more but you guys should get the idea.
Good times nontheless! I am gonna order an alky kit once I get my car tuned up right, and I was planning to get new injectors. My car is capable of 13.1x now (I THINK) based on my 8.35 1/8th mile. What were your 1/8ths out of curiosity?
Based on any of the bench analysis I've done, I think my stock injectors are just about to run out of gas (literally). Much more than 350 horsepower and I think it's a good idea to swap them. So I'm gonna get new injectors when I get the kit.
Keep at it though. 11.9s is cake for these cars (or so I'm TOLD ;) )
1/8 mile times as follows:

13.088 = 8.416

13.055 = 8.362

13.001 = 8.301

I have heard new stock injectors are good for 11.7's is that really true ? I have also heard you can get remanufactured injectors for about $90 has anyone heard that? If so who sells them?