Went to the track today


Gone To The Dark Side
Nov 22, 2007
First time down the track with a GN.I think she did pretty good for being all stock and hard ass street tires.

best time was
60' 2.184
1/8th 9.169
MPH 76.40

how does the stack with other stock GN #'s?
Much better than a guy around here

I saw him make an 18 second 1/4 mile pass---the knucklehead spun the tires off the line and all the way down the track. he never pedaled the throttle, because he thought it would slow the car down. Worst part was this was at Byron during a Buick event, so his actions reflected on all the other Buick guys. :mad:
Cool, Numbers sound right. "hard ass" tires do suck. What track is open this time of year?