Wet sanding and buffing.

Steve V

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Jan 5, 2004
Looking down the road, I am wondering how much work it is to wet sand and buff. Is it something for the backyard do it yourselfer or best to take it back it the body shop. There's alot of paint on my car so I shouldn't haven' t worry about sanding through.
You can do it yourself, just dont sand any edges. Depending how much dirt is in it start at 1000 grit and work your way up. If you dont have experience with a buffer I would take it to someone for that. Shouldnt be too bad to do by yourself.

Well worth the hours. I'd recommend getting with someone with experience, and practicing on a beater car before you have your learning curve on your good paint. You can screw it up real fast, if you don't know what your doing.

But there aint nothin like the looks of a sweat paint job on bad a$$ car. I've got about 160 hours into this paint job AFTER it came back from the paint shop. I'm sure that I could do it in a third of that time now. Took these pics about two weeks ago. I haven't waxed this thing in over a year, and there is not a clear coat on the paint.

Mike B.
I've seen Spool Fools car in person. It's no Joke. It has to be one of the cleanest GN's I've ever seen! 160 hours into the paint? I'd have to keep stopping to go get more beer..:eek:

Also, once you've sanded and pollished the paint nice and flat, the dirt doesn't seem to stick nearly as bad. Cleaning is much faster too.

Mike B.