what cam in a stage2 street stroker


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What cams would be the best to run in a stage2 274 cu in stroker with GN-1 heads and mostly seeing street time?
I will call Dan at DLS, he is the man when it comes to this stuff!! He's been very helpfull during my project and knows his sh*t!!

DLS 219-956-3653
T70 BB turbo,3500 911 converter,83 lbers. may go up to a GT76 BB.

I would agree with talking with Dan@ DLS 219-956-3653

I personally ran a 70 & 72 turbo, 274ci, 200R4, with a Billet Hyd Roller set-up for street/strip from Dan years ago with great results.
I would think something in the 224 to 230 deg Billet Hyd roller range should work fine with the BB turbo's & stall.

The 83's would be ok for the 70, but not for the 76. I would just put 95-96's in.

Just my .02

Thanks for the great advise. Its right around what i was thinking 224-230. i think it will be 224/224 hydraulic roller.