What color is this gear?


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Jul 10, 2008
My uneducated eye says yellow. There is no yellow drive gear that I can tell. The pictures of orange drive gears looked like a very bright orange. Is this "white" after sitting in trans fluid?

Looks like the correct orange one to me

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take a sharpie and dot one of the teeth, rotate the output shaft and count the teeth until you get back to the dot. 11 tooth is correct for TRs. i cant really tell from that pic but my gut says its a 13 tooth, doesnt look orange enough to be the tr one
Took the car out with a GPS speedo app, numbers sure seem to indicate this is more likely White o_O GPS and Scanmaster were off by ~20%. Speedo Calculators show Orange/Yellow would be best for my setup, but changing Black to Yellow would only change mph by a bit over 3%, nowhere near reality. Were this White/Black, then the numbers sorta make sense and White/White would be optimal.