What do the scanmaster numbers mean?


Dec 30, 2002
Here's the numbers I got from fully warmed up at idle on the scanmaster? Totally different readings the GN? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully there is a site that explains the numbers and values and what to look for etc. Here it goes:

074-72602's 0.0KR
MAF 0.9
SP 25.5
PU 2.5
Lt 02
Cel 00
St 00
ATS 46
Clt 120
TPS .48
TPP 00
IAC 58
BATT 14.2
EGR 00
MAP 32

Not familar at all with these numbers or what the values should be? Totally different than the GN readings and the scanmaster instructions don't go step by step like the 2.1 scanmasters do? As far as setting the TPS, IAC etc.
Anyone Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller? Ground Control to major tom? Is my circuit dead or what is going on??
Fullthrottlespeed lists a L-67 manual on their web-site, however, when I click on it, another page comes up. You will most likely have to call Mike or one of the employees @ FTS in order to get the download.
Got this from our resident mad scientist (Thanks Bob), but still don't know what the numbers mean, or where they should be.