what do you think she will run?


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May 26, 2001
What do you think she will run with my mods below? also what do you think she will run on a 80 shot of NOS?

other questions are how much would gn1 ported and polished and a ta-52 or soturbo and a roller cam help?

I think SHE will start laughing and fall asleep if you give HER nitrous.
First of all....

You don't need to port the GN1 aluminum heads. The ports are quite large without porting them. IMO your wasting money if you go that route on a street/strip car.

Stick to a TE44 turbo if your not intercooling it. Go slightly larger if your going to intercool it.

As for what it will run? You provide a question like this once a month don't you? :) I think you know the answer don't you? It will run what it runs on that day...
Once you add ported heads, you will be able to produce more power at low boost levels. If you have a stock turbo, the max hp is just short of 400. It will produce this at high boost. If you add ported heads and a cam, it will be maxed out at a lower boost level. This really has nothing to do with your question, I am just trying to clear up some assumptions on turbos.
Compare a set of Champion ported stockers against their GN1 aluminum heads. The GN1's will outflow the ported stockers right out of the box - untouched.

Unless your shooting for 9's... your wasting your money porting a set of GN1s.
I have to agree with Louie on this one. even the guy at Champion said this. My friend that has those heads cleaned up the ports a little. There was some rough casting areas but that's it.

I would also love to see a stock hotair turbo make 400hp at any boost. I could see 400lbs of torque maybe. Like I've said before, with all my mods with the stock turbo it would only make 18-19psi with the wastegate locked shut and broke a shaft within a week. I did the same thing again with a new stocker a month later. I was only running 106mph in the 1/4.
My opinion...

I see folks wishing to copy a combination which I have in my garage :)

A roller cam which will only begin to make power above 3,500 rpm. GN1 heads which have ports normally assigned to a race motor - they are built for that low 11 second or faster car.

Roller camcard

Brent can spend whatever money he wants to spend on his project. That isn't to be disputed :) However; what he will see with his "hot-air" combo without the proper intake and other parts required to make this "race only" set up work will probably break his wallet. The springs required to make this combo livable on the street are $400+ If you buy the cheaper springs you will end up replacing them every 6 months.

If your unwilling to spin the motor to 6,200 rpm... your wasting your time building the GN1/roller cam combo.
A roller is the only way to go. A 206 duration Comp cam will go in the 9's with no problem, and pulls to 6000 easily. The roller's design (quicker ramps) is worth 30hp. This will never change.
I agree with Louie to a point. I'm not willing to spin the stock rotating assy over 5,500 rpm. That's why I'm going with a 206-206 flat tappet cam, nice ported stock heads, and a huge turbo, intercooler, and downpipe. I revved the motor to 6,000rpm one time against the Viper and it pulled hard the whole way to redline with the 206. My goal is a 10s capable car and I don't think it will be considered a race motor by any means.

I agree a roller cam would be great. There's really no compromise with a roller. Great bottom, midrange, and top end. I would have one if I could afford it. Just because it's a roller cam doesn't automatically mean you lose bottom end. There are different sizes of roller cams.
For some reason people like to cam the crap out of these engines and shift at 5500. A 206 is more than enough. A 218 will have less bottom end and more top end, but if you are shifting at 5500, you will never see the extra hp above 5500. I am saving up for a 206 roller. The cam that is in my car now is fine until then.
I can tell you from first hand experience you're right. I just got my 206 in the mail (I had a 206 a while back too). The 204-214 is coming out and going in the trash unless someone thinks they are going too fast and wants to slow down.