What does the line bias valve do?



I'm curious as I have just added the Superior inner spring to my factory CZ spring and want to make sure I didn't just cause myself some grief.

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I appreciate your reassurance...

But, that doesn't teach me a thing. I'm a quick study. Give me a hint.

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It's kind of a strange animal.

It is designed as a mini-regulator for the TV pressure that is sent to the main TV boost valve in the pump.

At a certain throttle position, the line bias valve will slightly reduce the TV signal to the main regulator; ex. TV press. = 75 psi, line bias press.= 71 psi.

A stiffer spring will raise the point at which this pressure reduction mode takes place. At TCI, we like to simply block this valve closed; i.e. no reduction.
That is correct.

I went to post what it did in the correct terms and when I came back to repost. Greg had answered you. It also will keep it more stable, but a regulator to tv is a good way to put it.
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I was having a difficult time getting that out of the ASTG manual.

You won`t either Bry ,but if you get yourself a Principles of Operation THM 200-4r it kind of explains it & other things too.
You have to call Helm`s to get it you can`t order it online.
I`m kinda waiting for Bruce`s book to come out :D but I`ll prolly be long gone by then.

Sometimes the principles of operation book is available on eBay. I got mine there for $15. :D But that is hit or miss though. :(

Is this the same as the General Motors publication?

I have found several copies of the GM publication of 2004R Principles of Operation. They are copyrighted early '80's.

Is this the same book?