What does this SOUND like?

85 Riviera

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Aug 19, 2002
Trans is a 325-4L with a D5 converter (which is basicly a FWD verson of the 200-4R except the pump is more like the th350).

The sound I am getting can only really be heard while its in gear. And under a slight load. It sounds kinda like a ticking sound of a really bad lifter, except its coming from the trans.

Its best heard at speeds about 35 to 45 with a steady cruise or a little more, but can be heard at any speed as long as the engine load is slight and the RPM's between 1600 to 2200.

I can also be heard if I have someone put the car in drive, hold the brake hard and give the car throttle (against the stall).

It does not tick in N or P... and it doesnt do it at idle. Im confused :confused:

Anyway got any ideas?
I would have said CV joints, except you hear it at stall? Does it tick all the time during stall? Drive chain maybe?
I thought the same at first. So I got under the car and checked the torque convertor bolts and flywheel. Both checked out to be ok. I was hoping to find loose bolts :confused: