What happen to my 9in converter?


Young William
Jan 8, 2002
I guess this is what a blown up 9in Art Carr converter looks like.
What possibly did this?:rolleyes:

I gave to my friend so he could put it in his car. So he sent it out to get rebuilt by the Real Art Carr. This is what they found when they opened it up:confused:

Bruce can u rebuild this?:D :D :D


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Art Carr

Ya, they had told me no problem over the phone, then they called with the bad news....
Told me they would knock the shipping off if I would pay $800 for a new one!!!!!
Guess a 9/11 really is the best way to go...
OOOOOO Ugly.....It Just Came Apart!!!

Yuck... Damn, dude when you blow them up ... you do it with finess and to the point!!!! :D Man , is that the converter you were suspect of and asked what to do with it.? Man , that piece is destroyed!!!! But you got an honest opinion..hehehe
The trans that was behind that thing had better be looked at and if I were you, I would pitch that cooler and start over to avoid any other contamination. Trans is gonna have to be torn down too. :(
This is the ONLY correct way to approach this and yes it sucks.:(
But without thorough cleaning and surfaces cked for metal impregnatation, you are only asking for more trouble in the future. Food for thought...:)

Good Luck....:D

Ya and I 'll send u the trans. I hate to see what it looks like.
That was one of my worst days and all I was trying to do was go
home after a 12hr work day. I got the car over to my friends place about an hour later by going 5-10mph with the motor turning 6000rpm to get 5 miles, it sucked...:mad:
Good laugh

I had just pulled the front cover off my motor to find a stripped cam gear when, the phone rings, I could hear the employies at AC laughing in the background. "Sir, about that converter you sent". He said that they all gathered around to see it. Good laugh for them, 40 buck for shipping and a converter that is no-good for me.

This is Erick at the REAL Art Carr Transmission. I sent you the pictures of your converter to let you see what it looked like inside and why it is non repairible. We would not be in buissness if we all just stood around blown up converters and just laugh at what we see. And after inspecting it more closley it is in deed a 245mm converter from RENO/TEXAS. I am willing to work with you on a new converter and if you need a transmission or any performance parts for your transmission I would be glad to help you out. I do feel bad that I had to give you the bad news on the converter on top of the previous bad news you recieved with your engine. If there is anything tht we can do here at THE REAL ART CARR please let us know.
Welcome Erick , as it is about time......

Hello Erick... glad you guys are finally making an appearance.

I also appreciate the help . You will find that there are a bunch of guys here that "got screwed" by your imitator. If you can help great but they have to understand that all you do to help them out ( the screwed by imitation guys) is done with no obligation to Real Art Carr. All you make right is a bonus. I know Art very well and I wanted to be one of the first few to welcome both of you.
Please feel free to post and help out but the one thing I as a moderator and the vendors in here have agreed to is that we do not quote prices. I want no vendor bashing or competeting in here. We provide all the info and tech and parts are reccommenede to vendors that may have them but no quoting of prices. There is a post in here now, That even tho I am mentioned as a company, I am not real fond of. I even thought about pulling but it was more of a whats out there than an advertisement. Our creed somehow got deleted and it looks like I need to repost one.
I did however want to welcome you and look forward to having you guys in here.:D

Thank You Erick.... and the Old Fart Art ( you can tell him I said that)

AND FOR THE RECORD...... If that converter was sent to me and I opened it up... I would have been laughing my ass off too!!! So I do not think they were laughing at you but with you as that piece of crap was something to laugh at!!!! :D:D:D BT