what happen to this bearing

87 national

Mar 31, 2010
Well i pulled the rear cap to do a rear main seal and this is what i found. ONLY 300 miles on motor.


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Good chance that there is tooo much silicone between the rear of the cap and the block which tipped the cap forward and left the bearing surface too tight in the front and to loose in the back from not being square. Good chance thats your leak problem also! Just my 2 cents!! Mike:cool:
I would look for debris or a burr between the bearing and cap. Was this engine align honed or mains bored ? I've seen many of these jobs botched-up.

Allan G.
Thanks guys

The silicone was causing it I spun the top bearing out and it is worn on the other side so because this cap was tweaked, it ended up tweaking both of The bearings. So I will throw a new set there tomorrow. Should I chance all the main bearings or just the rear one.
Clean it all.. install new bearing.. and plastigauge it across the area. The plastigauge will show if the maching is off.

If it checks ok.. make sure you get all the plastigauge off the surfaces.