What happens to ECM when TPS sensor is disconnected


Jun 5, 2001
Friend of mines car idles better when the TPS is disconnected. Car pulls strong otherwise. All Turbolink specs are very good with it connected (TPS = .44, BLM & INT locked on 128 (Thrasher), IAC = 10-15) but it has a miss at idle. Went through all the basics including swapping parts from one of my cars. Just for the hell of it I disconnected the TPS and the miss dissapeared.;) Triple checked this and every time the TPS is disconnected the miss is 100% gone. Manually verified TPS is good with volt meter - no bad spots. Swapped it anyway with the same results. Just wondering what compensations the ECM makes if the TPS circuit fails or is disconnected. I would guess a richer air/fuel mixture?
I belive that it adjusts it to a "base" setting. When I unplug it, the car idles high and the check engine light will come on.