What headgasket is everyone running?


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
Planning for new headgaskets on my stock heads and block...what does everyone use? I see autozone sells the Felpro 9441PT gaskets for $30. Also what sealant should be used? Or can I just put them on dry? I think I remember putting headgaskets on my old truck one time dry and had no problems. Or does the high boost require a sealant? Or should I go back with the factory 87' gaskets from GM?
Definitely use sealant.
I'm on the RJC Racing Bulletproof headgasket kit, and very strongly suggest it. It's holding up VERY well.
I've used all of them except for the RJC metals and none of the ones I've used will hold up forever if the motor sees detonation. I recently put a set of the 9441's on my TTA, we'll see how well they hold up this spring. I've researched the sealant subject and most builders will tell you to put they on dry. Make 100% certain that both the heads and block are clean and free of any debris leftover from the other gaskets. As far as I know, the RJC's are th only ones that use any sealant. I was also going to try the RJC's this go around but was turned away from horror stories of them not sealing and coolant seeping into the jugs. The OE gaskets are good to a point but IMO are very fragile because of that graphite composite crap that's on them. If you should nick the gasket in any way it's about worthless...trust me here, I have a set of almost new ones hanging on the wall because they very slightly damaged during installation and blew almost immediately.
Cometics,ran them all fall and summer @20-25 psi.No problems @ all.

Fel-Pro 9441 gaskets are the same as the stock Victor-made gaskets, just a different manufacturer.

Ask yourself this simple question, if you put a headgasket on there that doesn't blow, what's gonna give if you detonate the motor?

You are going to find people that like gasket A, and others hate gasket A (because it blew on their motor). Unfortunately, alot of these opinions come from people that do not understand why their previous headgasket blew...:(
i'd rather have the gasket go over any internal part anyday! looks like i will be going with the felpro's...but the question is...DRY or SEALANT!:D
I run Fel Pro 9441PT installed dry.Most I've had them at was 27 psi and they'd probrobly still be on my car(it's apart for headgaskets)if my #3 injector didnt take a **** and start screwing up,damaging though not blowing out the headgasket.

it looks to me like the factory didn't use any kind of sealant on the factory headgaskets when i took them off??? they pretty much just peeled right off for me
No sealant on any stock style gasket.

I'm running cometics too. I'd say for your car get a set of stockers and put 'em on. Make sure everythings flat and clean.
Fel Pro

I `m using Fel Pro PT9441 on my rebuilt 30K miles.Went up to 25#
no problems so far.:)
Stock GM

I think the key to keeping head gaskets together is...
1) Proper engine tune (ie: no detonation), 2) proper prep of the block & heads, and 3) correct torque on the head bolts.
Originally posted by turbov6joe
I was also going to try the RJC's this go around but was turned away from horror stories of them not sealing and coolant seeping into the jugs.

??? I have not had a single customer that has had this happen. It has never happened to any of the motors i have built. with the silicon adhesive it is nearly impossible.

Also, contrary to popular belief we do not use GE1200 in our kits.

We have not had a single complaint with the head hasket kits.

Guy robinson installed our head gasket kit then decided he needed to replace his valve springs. The silicon had setup but he never fired the motor. After he filled the cylinder with compressed air he noticed that he had a couple intake valves leaking air. He pulled the heads, lapped the valves, cleaned the silicon off the gaskets and reused our head gaskets. This is the 109 motor he went 9.98 @ 138 with. He later went 6.teens at 115mph in the 1/8.
The gaskets seem to be holding up fine.
I bought a rjc headgasket kit for my gn.
It runs great . No leaks, and it hold's up well to the boost.

Great product Jason!