What housing do ,I have?


Money pit
Mar 28, 2007
I bought a TA-49 a while back and have been reading about the different housings, so how can you tell which one you have? On the side were the air comes in it says Precision on it so does this mean that its a precision housing also, sorry this might be a dumb question but when I rebuilt my motor and it had the stock turbo on it , it would pull you into the seat now it won't it takes some time to start making boost and have put ported and polished heads with bigger valves, roller cam, matched ported intake bigger throttle body but am running a stock D-5 convertor and am not sure which would be better a garrett housing or a bigger convertor? Anyone?:confused:
It's a precision housing. If was stock it would be a Garrett housing so since you already have the bigger housing no point going backwards. just have your stock d-5 converter restalled to 2800 and you'll be good to go.
how do you tell?

If its a garret housing would it have some numbers some were on it, thats if I get one. Just want to be sure its a .63.
I going to use a garret housing from a stock turbo (sending it out to get machined to fit). both of mine have .63 right on em (precision & garrett).