What in the world are they spraying?


New Doc out just finished.

I missed the 2010 convention but I wanted to go in SD, I had no idea these guys would included this footage in the film. I just want to know, as usual why... But also as usual until more people talk and share out this free information the main stream will never know.

YouTube - Pt 1/7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrail Documentary)

I can vouch for what they said about fires now burning differently. I know many firefighters and they too have mentioned that the fires are burning much differently then in the past (as in pre 2000's even into the 90's).
they're spraying misery and desperation, on us all just kidding, very interesting, as much as i love our beautiful country i wouldn't put nothing past our govt.to be spraying something illegally but that is why we the people should always exercise our right to question our heads of state etc. about things like area 51 the practices of Haliburton and kbr and how they were the only ones allowed to secure the contracts to service iraq, did you know that the E P A is now suing Haliburton because they don't want to disclose their safety practices, lets see how far they get in dealing with Penis Chaney, do you listen to coast to coast am with george noory
The MSM will never pick up on this because the average American isn't retarded enough to believe this crap.

Break out the tinfoil hats boys.

It's called a contrail. When cold wet air meets a hot turbine engine water is released, and condenses in the air leaving a trail of water vapor. Has anyone noticed that they look like clouds??? Because that's what they are!! Man-made clouds!

But then again...maybe the government is making clouds too...hmmm. That would explain acid rain, and why my car gets water spots when it gets rained on.