What Intake temp should you expect with a front mount?


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Oct 23, 2001
Hey guys, My IAT is in the plenum and I am surprised what it is reading. It is about 25 degree's above ambient while crusing and hit 115 degrees while being at a red light for 2 minutes. It is a front mount setup on E85. Does this sound right? It is a older GM sensor. It is 65 outside and it constantly showed about 85-95 while crusing and pushing the car a little.
That is why folks have heat rejection coatings on the intake, plenum, and up pipe, and coated headers and exhaust. The underhood is going to be radiator temp, plus header, turbo, crossover, and downpipe heat.
I insulated my SLIC, and gonna coat up pipe, plenum, intake, and headers x over etc. once I get the other gremlins done.
Here in Phoenix,AZ. temps get to 115 during the day and it may not drop below 100 at nite either.
P.S. it's the end of September and temps are still around 100 in the daytime.
Those numbers are normal. Both situations idle & cruise are low air flow (idle being much lower than cruise). The number of interest would be what you have at the end of a longer WOT pull. 140’s and maybe 150’s is reasonable there, with an ambient in the high 90’s that’s what I would expect. My precision slic will come in at high 140’s low 150’s through the traps on a 131mph pass. A larger front mount might do better than that, but you can select intercoolers that favor temperature performance or ones that favor better (less) pressure drop, so that will affect it too.
Thanks guys. My headers are not coated. Coating technology getting better over the years? I have seen so many flaking, rusty headers at car shows that used to have a coating on them