What is the "proper" way to r and r rear wheel cylinders?


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Jul 27, 2012
I've been a mechanic for most of my life, and I guess I have never dealt with this- until today. What is the preferred method of changing out wheel cylinders? I'm sure it wasn't the way I got it out, and then trying to get the retainer back in. This will tell my age, but I miss the 2 bolts that held in wheel cylinders for at least 30 years. Is there a proper tool out there? Thanks in advance?
a pick or awl on each side of the cylinder from the rear to release the retainer ring, theres a groove for the pick

new cylinders come with new retainers , put the new cylinder in an slide a wedge between it and the axle flange now install the new retainer with a piece of pipe (large socket or 1 3/8 hole saw ) and a hammer making sure the tabs seat
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