What is this??


Feb 10, 2007
Hello folks. I am trying to figure out where there’s a inline harness on my GN’s AC switch? Wires lead into the cabin area. Can anyone help?




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its a hi-low coolant fan switch , look in the car there should be a small bat switch
that switch on the ac line controls the coolant fans so they run when ac is turned on , that harness for hi low makes use of that to active the cooling fan relays
It allows you to turn the fan to high all the time without waiting until the engine reaches 205 degrees. It is a Caspers kit
With stock wiring the fan comes on high for 3 things. 1- AC pressure above 300 PSI. 2-coolant fan delay relay after the car is turned off. 3-temperature above 226 deg. when the coolant temp switch comes on.


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