What kind of gains from nitrous on top of turbo?


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For all you guys who use nitrous; i have a question. How many tenths or mph is the nitrous worth. What shot are you using and at what boost level? How much do u bump the fuel pressure to compensate for the nitrous? Thinking of squirting a small shot in third for better top end pull. Any thoughts?

PT-54, V-4 ic, ART Carr 9" 3200 stall w/ tbrake, MSD 50's w/ chip, ATR cam, ATR 3" dp w/ 3" single exhaust, TRW forged pistons, ect.
I am a big fan of Nitrous, if you are running a big turbo, intercooler, and Hi stall like your signature says, I'm not sure I would add nitrous. If you run a 75hp shot, it will increase boost 2-3 lbs. You need to back timing out about 2-3 degrees. On a stock Gn with little mods (adj fuel reg, open exhaust, and chip) I went from a 13.6 no nitrous to a 12.4 with nitrous (75hp). But with all the addons I think you a defeating your purpose back backing of the timing, and turning back the boost by 2-3 lbs to adjust for the nitrous. It would help if you had a spoolup problem (stock torque converter) or use a 25hp shot for cooling affect but I would think not much more unless you have beefed up the short block to handle the extra pressures.