What kind of latop should I use


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Nov 2, 2010
Hey everyone!:D

I was looking to purchase a laptop for my gn but wanted to see what others have? Any suggestions for me?
Are you going to be using the laptop solely for tuning your GN? I have a little Acer netbook and it works great for running PowerLogger at the track. I can usually get a whole night out of one battery. I got mine for a deal from a good friend.

Hope this helps.
i had problems with windows 7 and fast. so i got a panasonic toughbook cf-28. i got a few of them for people wanting a computer for their car. it's 200.00 shipped if you want one, it is the last one i got. great car computer, because it can take tons of abuse. let me know and i'll give you all the details.
Thanks for all your help. I was looking for something a little cheaper for around 100 bucks. I seen the below what do you think?

And yes I'll just be running this on the gn.

7" Mini Netbook Notebook Laptop WIFI Windows CE 2GB HD on eBay!

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Yowza that's small. I think you'd be better served getting a bigger one that you can use outside of the car. I have a 10" Acer Netbook and I don't even like typing on it all that much because it is so small. I have a nine cell battery for it so it goes about 8 hours on a charge. :)

I'm not even sure the scan tools out there support Windows CE.
I use Dell 1.8 ghz, 504mb ram laptop . This is backup for limited home use too. $150.00 price range.
I just bought a Dell Latitude D420 for PowerLogger and it only cost $200. I bought it from Dellauctions.com. Everything on the site starts at 99cents. Its refurbished right from Dell.
yes i am running powerlogger, in a XP vm
I had no idea this could be done w/PL. Good to know. All I need to hear now is someone using an iphone with PL, that would be the ultimate.

To answer the OP, For my PL I use my old Dell Latitude D610.