What kind of lives some GNX's had?...


I was cruising the site and seen this post regarding GNX 449. Sorry I wasn't by the car when you came by. It is stock with 19000 miles on it. It was featured in the November 2008 issue of Mucsclecar Enthusiast Magazine. You are correct, I work out at Selfridge ANGB as an aircraft mechanic. That was how I able to get the car on the flightline as part of the photo shoot with the F-16. I had the car for just about 5 years now. I did have it on Woodward in 2004 and 2006. I entered it in the 2008 Autorama as well as this years, both times were a blast!

Here's a couple of pictures from this years Autorama.


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Do any of the TTop TTA's have a cloth interior?


Tom Chou, the developer of the Thrasher chip had two or three '89 Turbo TTA's.

He had a hard top and a T-top car with glass t-tops, not the factor lexan units. At least one of them had a cloth interior.
Number 434 is in CT.A friend bought it back in 2000 from the original owner. Had 6k on it then! Has 7k now. Car is all original!! Went with him to purchase,was stored in climate controlled airplane hanger! Original owner also had a Hemi Cuda,Fuelie Vette,and a few other toys plus his planes!

where in CT is the car located? Fairfield county by any chance?
Tom Chou, the developer of the Thrasher chip had two or three '89 Turbo TTA's.

He had a hard top and a T-top car with glass t-tops, not the factor lexan units. At least one of them had a cloth interior.

My comment was how many of VanMan's collection of TTAs (posted by ChrisK) have cloth interiors. I am well aware of TTAs with Cloth Interiors. I have two of them. A Hardtop and a T-Top.

Absolutely Stunning collection!! This is really been a joy to read. I think we all would own as many GN's and Turbo Buicks as we could, IF we could. I was working a hail storm in Akron, Ohio a year or so ago, and was getting my GMC serviced at the local Buick/GMC dealership. The service writer saw my TurboBuick sticker on my back glass and asked what I had? I told him about my Limited and he said The owner of this dealership has 2 or 3 GN's and a real GNX! I never did get to see it and the service guy didnt know what # it was.

Just saw the pictures of the TTAs and GNXs back a few pages, man that's sad.... other people could be driving those and enjoying them.
#498 has been used as the car was intended...81,000 miles and freshly restored...:D

It's alive and well...and driven yesterday...
I looked at a wrecked Gnx back in 1993-94 might have been 95 in shaumburg il. The guy wanted 15k for it. The turbo was gone along with the intercooler. The right front corner was hit real hard. Framerail was bent up against the engine. I wish I could get that deal today. That collection above is crazy. I would have a pitbull with aids protecting that place
#403 is in the basement of the owners house


He also has:

87 sunroof car
87 concours car
87 WE4
87 T-Top car
87 no option car
TTA all original including the gatorbacks
Boy that was a fun thread to read thru.

When I purchased my car in Mass, the guy I bought it off of had a very nice Buick collection. Although I did not see it, he had (what I think he said) was Bobby Allison's car (had a moonroof). The car was mostly original other than a repaint. Said he drove it on nice days.
The Burt Reynolds GNX 101 has been sold to a private owner in Michigan. I met him at a Shell station a couple of years ago and started talking to him about his car. He invited me to his garage to see his collection, and then let me drive the GNX. I told him no but he insisted. We took it down the highway a few exits and I got to punch it on the on ramp. The car was very nice. It had custom embroidered headrests with the Florida Seminoles emblems and Burt's football jersey number, and had an Alpine aftermarket stereo and tinted windows. He is friends with Burt so he was offered the car when Burt decided to sell it. It was like a dream come true to get to drive that car. Out of respect for the privacy of the owner and his collection I am not at liberty to say where this was but the car is stored in a secured climate controlled building with his other vehicles.
hey guys , I'm in philly and there is a friend of mine who's dad has a gnx ,although i don't know what #it is but its 2 blocks from my house,back in like 94' my buddy let me sit in the driver's seat before his dad got home from work. i always knew what the car was to collectors and now every year he brings it out to our local show@our credit union every year and it still has the original tires on it and yes they are worn from burn outs. seems like there are a few gnx's in philly and pennsyvania for some reason
I know that #299 was wrecked. Into a tree I believe in the early 90's in MA. The passengers face was imprinted into the windshield. If he reads this he knows who he is! I don't know what happened to it after that but it was totaled by the insurance company.

Been a while since I've been here but I was on the Gulf Coast of FL this weekend with my son and saw #428 at the Sarasota car museum. Looked like it had been painted at least once, odo showed 05xxx niles, underside of car and paint work makes me think it was 105k.... Looked to have aftermarket downpipe and exhaust, rear tires pretty thrashed. What was funny was the know-it-all guy who, upon seeing the car, told his buddy in a very loud voice, how "these cars are so rare they are worth $200-300k all day, every day!" Clearly a knowledgeable expert...

Anyway, made me miss all the TRs and GNs I had... Might be time to get back into it. But then, I'd have to buy back all the stuff I sold when I cleared house!