What Mods should I start with??



Just bought myself a new toy, 2000 Regal GS, and boy is it sweet. But the little boy in me just isn't satisfied. I would like to know everyones opinions as to where to start with mods. I have about $500-$700 to spend. Let me also add that thios car is my daily driver, and I don't want to do anything "very risky" to my cars health. The two things that I have been leaning towards are a smaller S/C pulley and a C/I Intake. The only drawback to those two as far as I know is that it doesn't solve the problem of having a speed limiter. Any help, opinions, and advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
I would do those 2 mods, and try to get the compueter re-flashed to get rid of the speed limiter and maybe add some performance.

I would build your own CAI the aftermarket ones seem very exspensive, if you do you might be able to get all 3 mods done for under $700